profile image Thanks for stopping by, my name is Chris Sweet and here's a brief history of Sweet Solutions LLC...

Computers have always been an area of great interest to me, and naturally I developed a liking and knack for using them and solving the problems associted with them. I was always ready to help out a friend with viruses or enhance their computer's performance. I often entertained the idea of making a career out of the field, but never took the iniative to do so. Years went by of me as the 'go to' guy for computer problems, but not until a mini-financial crisis did I decide to actually use my talents to try and make some money.

In January of 2011 I founded Sweet Solutions LLC and decided to try and use my connections and reputation to fix computers as a job. At first it only served to function as a service to remove viruses and other malware from peoples computers or to update them to more modern standards. As time went on I purchased Adobe® web design software and tried my hand at that. Now I am quite deft at its use and with my own hosting provider I can run a full service web design project. Despite my humble beginnings I have found much success with the web sites I have done as well as with helping out many people with other issues.


Sweet Solutions LLC was founded and is owned by Chris Sweet and is a technology consulting firm that operates locally in Northeast Ohio and has three key goals.
  • First, to create, host  and maintain  web pages for local businesses, individuals, or groups that do not already have them, or want to improve their current page into something more modern and professional.
  • Next, to educate  people about technology and its applications. Either via public venues such as a library, or through private institutions that provide public services, perhaps a church or community organization.
  • Finally, to help  individuals set up their home networks, solve  their current technology problems, and equip  them with the know-how so that they will not encounter trouble in the future. All technology is fair game, computers, television, cable tv, dvd, blu-ray, theater systems.


List of Completed Websites

Che's Kitchen
This is a raw foods catering company based in Oberlin, OH.

A Beau Monde Salon
A wonderful hair salon in Amherst, OH right by IGA

Don Disantis With Backstage Productions Don is a singer with his own band who performs at local venues and for special events, does a great Sinatra and much, much more!

Works in Progress

Postcards Of Happiness A page I'm working on for fun, something to try new ideas and brighen someones day.


Coming Soon!


Sweet Solutions LLC is committed to providing top quality websites at a competative price, but other services are provided as well. This is by no means a complete list, and at any time feel free to contact me and ask about anything else! If I am unable to provide a service, I will let you know.

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Business-Related Media Consultation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Advertising Consultation
  • Home or Office Networking
If you would like to get an idea on pricing, check out this form to get an idea of what a price might look like. Often times pricing can go down or up based on specific needs. Ultimately, I will always strive to work within your budget.
Every website comes with a fixed hosting rate
$120 for the first year
$60 for the second
$30 for the third
and $15 for every year after.

Thats $4 a month after the first five years! You will never find hosting that cheap anywhere else!

If anyone is curious, the hosting provider I use is Dreamhost. I cannot recommend them enough!


To contact me directly and quickly, the fastest way is via telephone.
My cell phone number is 440.787-3004.

I check my E-mail daily as well, and if you absolutely NEED  get alot of information to me at that moment and I don't answer my phone, this is your best bet.
[email protected] will reach my directly and is forwarded to all my E-Mails (in case you have ever contacted my via another)